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About Us

PC-DNC is owned by Suburban Machinery Software, Inc. and is one of the original companies that started writing software to control CNC machines back in 1982. Our founder Dan Fritz started as a Fanuc Applications Engineer in the 1970's and recognized the need for managing the CNC programming files. He invented the "remote call up" method of calling files by RS-232 with his software running in DOS the original IBM PC operating system. He has decades of experience in the CNC industry and has published articles in Modern Machine Shop Magazine and a frequent contributor on CNC Zone.


Today's products include a complete line of Windows software for shop-floor communications, G-code editing, machine monitoring, in-process gauging with automatic paging and email. Dan has helped 1000's of customer machines modernize and their shops run more efficiently. Whether you are just starting out with a DNC or need to convert from another DNC software package, Dan will configure the hardware and software system customized for your shop and even help with the installation.


Call or email today and let's get Dan involved!  



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