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Tool Gauging

PC-DNC Plus is now available with an optional tooling control system that uses barcodes to identify qualified (pre-measured) tools. When a qualified tool is loaded into a CNC machine, PC-DNC Plus will automatically generate the correct tool offset commands and load them into the CNC control. The system can also be used to control your tool inventory, and to actively monitor the usage of each tool during production. This powerful new feature works through the PC-DNC Plus communications system, and can be added to existing systems currently in operation.

The qualified tooling features of the system can be used with any CNC control that is capable of executing a program command to set tool offset values (such as the Fanuc "G10" command). Additional features for active tool life monitoring require that the CNC control have "macro" programming features (similar to the Fanuc Macro B option.) The only hardware items required are barcode wands or readers, and some inexpensive (pre-printed) barcode tags and machine placards.


  • At the machine, just scan a tool’s barcode tag to automatically load tool offset data into your CNC control.

  • Avoid manual data entry. Setups are fast, easy, and exact!

  • PC-DNC Plus automatically tracks the location of each tool and monitors how

  • long it’s been in use.

  • PC-DNC Plus can automatically send an e-mail when any tool reaches its expected life-span.

  • Preset and barcode all your tools.

  • Tool length and diameter information is kept in a simple database.

  • Reduce costly setup time up to 50% !

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