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PC-DNC Plus is a powerful CNC file management software package that runs on a Windows PC and communicates with your CNC Machine Controller over a wired or wireless network. It uses the standard COM ports of your PC to communicate to one or hundreds of CNC Controllers. Using off-the-shelf serial device servers, PC-DNC can manage the entire shop floor's CNC programs all from a single PC located anywhere in the building.

Plus screen shot.jpg

Additional features include:

  • Up or download using the CNCs keyboard

  • For all versions of Windows

  • Uses standard serial COM ports

  • Use wired or wireless Ethernet serial devices

  • Communicate at up to 115,200 baud

  • Easy drag & drop file queuing

  • Request files using serial barcode readers

  • Record touch-probe data for part inspection

  • Use clients from anywhere on your network

  • Queue up files with a smart phone

  • Easy mid-file (tool break) startup

  • Mazatrol CMT file I/O.

  • Includes our powerful PC-DNC Editor

  • Each port configured individually

  • Machine cycle time monitoring

  • Control tool offsets using bar-codes

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